Friday, February 18, 2011


James Dobson aptly names one of his books, “Parenting Isn’t for Cowards”.  So very true!! There are so many ways that God uses parenting in the life of the parent as well as the child.  We have the assignment of molding and training our children, but in the process we realize this job is the most challenging, stretching and life-changing we will ever have.  It is definitely the most demanding in time, patience and wisdom.  It causes great angst sometimes and the most powerful love and joy known to man other times.   Each child you have is an instrument in the hand of God to TRAIN YOU.  Whether you get that or not is entirely up to your response to His work in your life.
 I know that many of my posts will come from a parent perspective because that is the area that God used the most in my life.  It’s also the area I’ve spent the most time in besides marriage.   However, let me say from the beginning that my parenting, or anyone else’s for that matter, was by the GRACE of God.  Anything that turned out right or wise only came from God’s working in us, or by direct instruction from His Word.  Praise the Lord my children love Him and serve Him.  For that I praise Him daily.  I can take NO credit for that, however.  The character of my children is why I sometimes get more credit than I deserve, but I know it was the incredible grace of God in all our lives that made the difference there.  So, as I attempt to write to answer questions I get or attempt to encourage parents, just know that ultimately what your child becomes is up to God.  When I teach parenting I share two main points:  (1) Point them to Jesus as if their spiritual life depends on you.  (2)  PRAY with the urgency that knows it all DOES depend on God.   My hope is that as I tackle different issues of parenting God will use this weak vessel as an encouragement to you.

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