Sunday, August 21, 2011

Seasons and Transitions

We all realize there are varied seasons in life, but I don't think we realize the extent of the transition until we're there.  It seems the last few years for me have been full of that transition.  Life is full of change and it can be very good or seem difficult.  I rest in the truth that all things are used by our Heavenly Father who never changes.  He is the One who is stable, consistent and able to guide because He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  My story ....

I laugh because as I begin to think of the changes of the last year my head spins.  But in reality, all of my life has been about change.  I began my life in a family full of boys - 3 brothers and 1 little sister.  Our lives were full of athletics and outdoor actitivites.  To say the least, I was not a girlie girl.  I could outrun and out throw most guys until we all got into our teens.  I was strong, independent and looked at my future as one of world travel, career and excitement.  Instead, God blessed me with husband, five children and being a homemaker for 20+ years.  I couldn't be more thankful. 

Then, as my children began to grow up there was need.  Work began part-time so that I could still be available for my teenagers who were quickly growing into adults.  My youngest went to college and God provided a full time job for many reasons I think.  One, of course, being to help financially since at that time there were three in college.  Although, God had always provided for their every need.  I believe it was more for me than them, but He used it for both.  Again, I am so thankful. 

My youngest graduated and married--actually in reversed order.  My husband was going to have a great year of travel ministry so we decided I would join him.  So, I went back to subbing so that I could accompany him and do more ministry.  Thus begins this new season in my life.  My children are adults.  Each one being a person I am extremely proud of and thankful for.  (The greatest joy of my life is that they all  walk in His truth.)   There is no longer need for financial assistance, oversight or guidance.  Of course, I pray for them daily and know they need encouragement as all people do.  But they are adults who are making their way before the Lord.  Thankful.

Life has taken a whirlwind shift it seems.  In the past ten months I've married off my youngest, traveled to three different countries and three different states.  I've been privileged to teach in retreats, classrooms and church in numerous situations.  Now we have just moved from the house that we called home for 27 years.  The only house my children have ever known as "home".  We are blessed with a new, bigger and better place.  One we hope will be filled with love and ministry even more than the other.  However, it's been kind of like the old shoes that you love so comfortable you don't want to give them up.  I have no regrets, but I'd be lying to say this hasn't been a bit of a transition. 

That comfort level has to be built here as there.  I want my children and others to come in and immediately feel warmth, welcome and God's love.  I related totally when one daughter cried as she left the old house.  Her life full of transition as well.  I'm comforted by the fact that it's not brick, mortar or stucco that makes a home.  In fact, I've said to many a young wife, "Home is where your family is.  It's where you make it."  It's true.  It's not the house that makes the home.  It's the loving family, the memories and the experiences that bond us together that makes a home.  In our case, thankfully, it's our common bond of Christ who holds us and blesses our unity.  Our blessings have been beyond measure.

Seasons of life all have their blessings and their trials.  We may enjoy certain ones more than others, but the point we need to see is that all of these are for a purpose.  God has different tasks for different times of our lives.  He doesn't usually toss you from one to the other without some preparation.  You don't lose your children in one day.  They grow into adulthood year by year.  Neither trials nor blessings are wasted in God's economy.  He has a purpose for all things.  Why all this rambling about seasons?  Obviously, it's on my mind.  Yet, I would hope to encourage anyone who is in transition to trust Him.  Change is not just for change sake.  Be encouraged that life does change, but the One who orchestrates all does not.  HE has a purpose, a task and truth to teach.  Oh Lord, help me see that, live that and honor that in all things.  Thank You for being the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  In YOU I trust.