Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ukraine Conference
Very special girls!
It never ceases to amaze me how Christians can be from different parts of the world and have totally different circumstances of life, yet there is an immediate bond.  I’ve seen it time and again, but each time it’s fresh.  Only God could do this.  Only He can work in hearts to create family from a world away.  It’s been my privilege to see that in numerous areas of the world.  This time was no exception. 
We met people in the church in Ukraine that we admired and loved immediately.  We had some that were immediate family.  There were some young women there, in particular, that were similar to our own daughters.   Intelligent, talented and amazingly fun, we loved spending time with them.  The bond of Christ unites our spirits without major discussion or event.  It just is. 
We’re connected to the same Head.  Jesus is the Head of the body of believers everywhere.  It’s no work for Him, but still incredible in scope.  We serve a God who is not only able, but cares enough to put kindred spirits together when their homes are thousands of miles apart.  What a God we serve!  May our worlds be joined in the love that He gives and His word be spread to all!